Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chantal Robson

L.A. based choreographer Chantal Robson left Merrimack Hall on Wednesday, headed to Denver to work with up-and-coming pop star Ashton Grant, and we miss her so much already! Chantal spent a week with us in January another week in February, and has promised to return to Merrimack Hall in August or September and we can't wait! Chantal, and her brother Wade Robson, have become like family to us and we are so grateful to them both for what they've done for Merrimack Hall and for Huntsville's dance community.

Chantal worked with dancers of all ages when she was here in January, and through an open audition, selected 10 who were part of Ashton Grant's performance at Merrimack Hall's Evening of Dance. These young dancers were in their first music video, live on our stage, complete with scaffolding and fog! Chantal told the dancers how proud she was of them; they had approximately 15 hours to learn her choreography, rehearse and perfect it, and perform it with Ashton's live performance of her song "Misery Loves Company," which is about the amount of time spent on an average music video shoot. What a cool experience for these young performers!

This past week, she conducted a "How To Audition" workshop and walked dancers through the paces of what to expect when going on a dance audition. Chantal was so impressed with the talent of the dancers she met in Huntsville and felt that they are all prepared now to go on their first real dance audition!

Chantal and Wade both took a special interest in one young Huntsville dancer and they are both working on some incredible opportunities for her.....stay tuned for some exciting announcements about this young girl!

Chantal will all be announcing this week the winners of the five week-long scholarships that she will be awarding to Huntsville dancers. These scholarships are for classes at the famed Millenium Dance Complex in L.A., where the top choreographers, dancers and pop stars in the industry go for their dance training.

Merrimack Hall's goal is to put Huntsville's performers up close and personal with top working professionals like Chantal and Wade Robson. We know that Chantal and Wade will be returning later this year and are working on several other celebrity choreographers who will be teaching at Merrimack Hall this summer. Stay tuned for details!

Debra Jenkins, Founder

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Chantal Robson said...

Hi this is Chantal Robson. I had an amazing time at Merrimack Hall. The dancers were such an inspiration. They worked very hard for Ashton Grants performance. Merrimack is a place of warmth and creativity. I thank Debra and Allen for welcoming me into the family. I couldn't have asked for another more amazing family. I can't wait to come back. I have the scholarships for you guys that have been waiting. 1 week unlimited classes to Millenium Dance Studio. I love you all very much. Keep dancing, acting singing, and following your passion. Love Chantal Robson