Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Carter's Chord

Carter’s Chord is the “just-uncovered gem” of the cross-over country music scene, and is rapidly garnering a loyal fan base. When we heard their music (southern rock, blues, and Outlaw country) and had a solid sense of their credibility—as evidenced through Toby Keith’s backing—we knew this was a real opportunity. We booked them immediately, with every belief that they’ll be huge by this time next year. They’re touring with Toby this summer, so their exposure will go through the roof.

Their sound is really interesting, in that while it’s definitely country, it reflects influences by the Counting Crows, Emmylou Harris, Marc Cohn, and the Black Crows. You can actually hear the added edge. I mean, these are three sisters in their early twenties, ready to set the world on fire, and their energy really comes through in their music. Even our marketing director, a self-admittedly lukewarm country fan, is excited about this act—she says it isn’t “too twangy.” Regardless, we believe they have a very bright future; we hope we can say “We knew them when…”
—Alan Jenkins, Founder

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