Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Merrimack Reunion A Great Event

This summer, Merrimack Hall hosted the Merrimack Reunion. The event drew 300 people who either worked in Merrimack Mills, lived in Merrimack Village or attended Joe Bradley School. It was great to hear feedback from people who have such feelings of pride and nostalgia in this neighborhood and in Merrimack Hall. There was lots of reminiscing going on that day and lots of great compliments on how well our renovations turned out.

Some of the folks attending the reunion put together a picture board that had amazing images of the neighborhood, the mills, the school and Merrimack Hall. One thing that was truly staggering was a photocopy of a paycheck. The check was dated 1910 and was for $.12. Can you imagine, bringing home $.12?

Former Merrimack resident Jim Yell came to visit us shortly after the reunion. He told me that he was impressed with what we've done in renovating and restoring a place that he held dear to his heart. Jim has become a major benefactor to Merrimack Hall, making a staggering donation to us. More than that, he's become a part of our Merrimack family now and is providing valuable assistance to the entire staff.

He's also working with Ron Harris on an original play that Merrimack Hall has commissioned Ron Harris to write. The working title is "Upon the Shoulders: The Merrimack Story" and is a historic fictionalization of events and people from Merrimack's past. We expect to present this production next August, so stay tuned for further developments!

Debra Jenkins

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