Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Karla Bonoff and Kenny Edwards Concert Was HOT!!!

Another remarkable artist presented yet another remarkable performance at Merrimack Hall last Thursday, May 15, 2008. Karla Bonoff and Kenny Edwards garnered three standing ovations from a crowd of devoted fans. But it wasn't only the great music that made the evening memorable. Merrimack Hall's fire alarm malfunctioned, sending the entire house into a hot flash not seen since we had "Menopause the Musical" here!

Apparently something went wrong inside an air duct, causing the fire alarms to go off, so with strobe lights flashing and the computerized voice saying "please evacuate the building," the audience remained calmly in their seats! Alan rushed to the control panel to try to diable the alarm, but couldn't get it to shut off. In a panic, he called Scott and Reisa Schrimscher, the general contractors on the building (and very good friends) who dropped what they were doing and rushed over here, arriving simultaneous with 2 fire trucks. While Alan kept trying to turn off the alram, Scott and Reisa were frantically trying to find a phone number to call to disable the system. They finally located a 1-800 number and Alan wrote it on his hand. He dialed the number.....and reached some adult phone sex line!!! What a wrong number that was!

Karla and Kenny said that in 30 years of touring, they had never had a fire alarm go off - lots of power failures but no fires! They waited patiently, as did the audience, and finally after 20 loud and long minutes, the system was re-set, the fire department left and the show resumed! We're hoping the house doesn't get that hot for a while!

Debra Jenkins

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