Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Pair at Merrimack Hall

Fans of the Fox television series "So You Think You Can Dance" will recognize the name Sabra - she was the Season 3 winner of the dance competition show. She is the incredible contemporary dancer who wowed the judges week after week last year and was Wade Robson's favorite to win from the beginning. We are so excited that she is coming to Merrimack Hall to teach master classes and is bringing with her Kameron Bink, another of last season's Top 10 finalists.

We will be holding classes for dancers age 6 and up. Each age group will have a choice of two classes with Sabra and two with Kameron. They will teach an additional advanced class together, offering a total of 9 classes. They are also attending a meet and greet that will include your own personal photo with them. After pictures and autographs, Kameron and Sabra will take questions from the audience about what it's like to be on "So You Think You Can Dance," what it's like to be a professional dancer, and anything else that the audience would like to know about them! Registration is open at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 21 at www.merrimackhall.com.

After having Wade Robson with us twice this year, we knew we wanted someone else from the TV show. Wade wants us to bring Mandy Moore, which we are working on - her schedule is totally full for the summer, but we are looking at alternative dates. But Wade was rooting for Sabra all season, so of course, we were too! We can't wait to meet Sabra and Kameron and are so excited that area dancers will have the chance to learn from the two of them!

Debra Jenkins

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