Friday, June 22, 2012

Snip it and Save!

Collect the coupons. Cut them out. Take this stack of tiny papers with bar codes on them to the grocery store. Spend a tremendous amount of effort wandering the aisles to find these sale items. Head to the check-out counter to discover that the savings are a whopping total of $8.00 while spending $70.00.

This has been my experience along with many other aspiring couponers, but before you punch the innocent grocery cart pushers and inventory stock employees, consider some guidelines first. Finally, no more coupon clowning around thanks to ever-so kind coupon queens such as Heather McIngvale of!

She's the ultimate entrepreneurial, work-at-home mom with two kids under the age of five, a working husband, two websites that she single-handedly operates, and a reputation as one of the coupon queens of the save-more-than-you-spend trend! She is Heather McIngvale of who will be hosting her Coupon Seminar 101 here at Merrimack Hall on Monday, June 25 at 6:30 p.m.

With a $5 donation at the door, Heather will donate all the ticket proceeds to our Johnny Stallings Arts Program, a visual arts and musical theatre outreach for individuals with special needs. 

Through her website and influential advice and suggestions for moms and aspiring “couponers” around the Tennessee Valley, she helps families of two, four, six and even eight save money on groceries and household items. Her site posts the best and most recent coupons for high profile grocery stores and marketplaces, but couponing can be highly overwhelming for those new to it. During her interactive seminar, Heather will show how easy the coupon process truly is. She will answer questions; take comments while also providing coupons from local attractions here in Huntsville. There will be a secret giveaway at the end of the class, so stick around for a chance to save and win!

Learn how to spend time saving while benefiting a great cause, the Johnny Stallings Arts Program!

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