Friday, June 8, 2012

Twive and Receive

Say that five times fast, and then wonder what it is you're actually saying.      

Twive and Receive is a competition to win $30,000. But it’s more than that. More than
  200 cities across America will fundraise for a local nonprofit together next week. Twive
  and Receive represents a powerful statement about this country’s generosity, and
  Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center is proud to be involved in this day!

• The 24-hour, national, online fundraiser, Twive and Receive, will take place on
   June 14. That’s only one week away! This fundraiser is very similar to Alabama Gives
   Day being that it’s online, through and 24 hours; however, Merrimack Hall
   will represent Huntsville, AL to compete with other nonprofits nationally (not just
   throughout the state) to raise the most money. Basically, through donations, we’ll find
   out who is the most charitable city in the US. The top 3 nonprofits who raise the most
   money will be awarded 15K, 10K and 5K on top of what is donated to Merrimack Hall.

•  Here are some ways you can help promote this day as we did for Alabama Gives Day.
   We raised over $4,000 last time, so this day can definitely be even better!
    -Visit the site at, and click on “Participants” to find Merrimack Hall
    -Start posting our link on your Facebook and Twitter page
    -Change your FaceBook/Twitter profile picture to the Twive and Receive logo
    -E-mail your friends and family all over the country!

•  We’ll be doing some other things to promote this day! Remember to donate on June 14, Thursday! 
    Need more info? Contact Kinsey at

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