Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Fifth and BEST Evening of Dance

Merrimack Hall proudly put on its Fifth Annual Evening of Dance this year! It was a huge success full of dancers from around the Huntsville community and North Alabama. The production featured two nights of performances from studios, solo choreographers, dancers, and collaborations of dancers. There was even a toetouch competition between two local dancers and Andre Fuentes, one of our guest choreographers from Los Angeles. This year's Evening of Dance was more than just an evening, it was an event!

Tony Selznick, Nick Gonzales and Andre Fuentes were three of our guests who attended the Evening of Dance as well as the audition, Q&A session and masterclasses. Tony Selznick, the founder of McDonald Selznick Associate(, is a monumental figure in the dance and talent community worldwide. He was one of the most kind and genuine individuals that Merrimack has ever hosted.

Celebrity choreographers, Nick Gonzales and Andre Fuentes, shared their incomparable inspiration with dancers in the masterclasses on Saturday and Sunday. They not only challenged each dancer through eccentric and expert choreography, but they also tapped into the dancers' first love of dance. They encouraged everyone that dancing starts from within which then flows out from the soul. 

With toe taps, feathers, stage make-up, flashing light shows, back flips and pirouettes, the 2012 Fifth Evening of Dance was a beautiful weekend of classic and contemporary choreography. Merrimack Hall is honored to have had the dance community from North Alabama as well as from Los Angeles here in our dance studio and on our stage.

Thank you to everyone who attended, participated and supported this year's performances. Merrimack Hall looks forward to next season's Sixth Annual Evening of Dance 2013!

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