Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Merrimack Mommy Chronicles

Greetings, Merrimack Hall patrons!

In honor of our upcoming month-long run of the smash-hit Motherhood the Musical (from the producers of the legendary Menopause the Musical), we're launching a new blog series every Tuesday called "The Merrimack Mommy Chronicles."

You'll hear from the mothers on our staff. They'll tell you their favorite, most embarassing, hilarious and frustrating stories about motherhood.

Love what you read? Share your stories with us too! E-mail motherhood@merrimackhall.com to share your favorite photos and memories.

And don't forget to reserve your tickets to Motherhood the Musical at www.merrimackhall.com. The show is perfect for mothers of all ages - pregnant moms, new moms, grandmothers. Don't forget to bring your husbands too!


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