Monday, January 23, 2012

The Merrimack Mommy Chronicles: "Baby Roses," or Kids Say The Darndest Things!

Remember the show "Kids Say the Darndest Things?" Bill Cosby hosted the second version of the show which portrayed all of the funny and sometimes embarrassing moments where kids say what their little imaginations perceive. It was absolutely hilarious!

As a kid, I remember me and my grandmother watching it together. She would just laugh and laugh as she remembered when I was younger and all of the funny things I would say. She said one time my dad was putting one of our toys together that we got as a Christmas gift. My grandmother, laughing as she remembered the story, said that my mom would kindly go over to my dad and encourage him to read the directions. And he, of course never picked them up.

After a few times of mom doing this, my grandmother said I picked up the directions, walked over to my dad confidently and yelled, "Daddy, read the constructions paper!" Everyone exploded into laughter! She said I couldn't have been more than three.

Well our daughter has had her share of funny moments, and in following in Mommy's footsteps, here's one of many. My husband and I were thrilled to enroll her in a Christian pre-K program where she would learn her shapes, numbers and letters, but also Bible verses and Books from the Bible. Every day when we picked her up from school, we would ask her what she learned that day. This particular day we asked her what she learned.

She replied very assured of herself: "We learned about a mommy who pushed her baby down the river." My husband and I looked at each other very confused, and I said, "No, really what did youn learn at school today?" She said again, more deliberate, wondering why she was repeating herself: "We learned about a mommy who pushed her baby down the river!" "Ok, ok. Well, what was the baby's name?"

My daughter says: "Baby Roses". My husband asking chuckling, "Do you mean Baby Moses?" My daughter said, "Yeah that's him!" We all laughed all the way home about the baby named Roses who got pushed down the river by his mommy!Kids definitely still say the darndest things!

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