Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Give it up for A.G.D.!


If you are reading this blog, you probably foster the knowledge that Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). A nonprofit is a charitable organization that is tax-exempt and exists to serve the public through a variety of different ways. In this decade, and even past millenium, nonprofits have popped up around Huntsville as well as around the Heart of Dixie - Alabama. Several nonprofits have made their impact for over a few centuries! The Alabama Association of Nonprofits is responsible for bringing many of these nonprofits together for one day in support of these organizations, ALABAMA GIVES DAY.

Starting at midnight tonight, February 2, 2012, the 24-hour online marathon of giving will begin! Viewers, loyal supporters, nonprofit newcomers, passionate philanthropists, curious on-lookers, and worldwide websurfers will be able to browse through the profiles of all the participating Alabama nonprofits. Think of it as a catalog of statewide charities with an easy "Donate Here" button conveniently located next to each organization's information.

Check out our profile here, and get ready to GIVE IT UP for Alabama Gives Day!
Not sure if donating is for you, check out these 10 tips for donating your money.

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