Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Merrimack Mommy Chronicles: I Dream of COSTCO Queens

I’ve had dreams about becoming a COSTCO Queen. I’m a third generation COSTCO descendant but just can’t wrap my brain around going up and down the aisles, buying 87 of anything at a time. Is that horrible?

And for all of you coupon clippers trying to get a deal – it’s just so much easier (to me, of course) to just buy what I need when I need it. Because again, who wants 112 bottles of barbecue sauce if you only barbecue once a year?

And yes, I’ve heard of the hundreds of dollars you can save by taking out your crown and owning up to your “Queen” status at COSTCO, but really, who has room for the 52 mustard bottles, 200 mini quiches, 47 Heinz bottles, 27 Dawn dishwashing detergent bottles, 43 boxes of Kleenex, and 82 mini hand sanitizers plus your regular groceries? I would feel cluttered, feel like I needed to clean, and end up accidentally throwing half of my COSTCO shrine away!

But for all of you COSTCO Queens out there, Motherhood the Musical is in agreement with you, (not me) as they have dedicated an entire segment of the musical to you, the COSTCO Queen. So, you don’t want to miss it!

Check out this sneak peak below and please, when you see me here at Merrimack or at the show, I know it’s possible that I have embarrassed generations of COSTCO Queen descendants. But please, don’t throw anything at me. I really dream of being a COSTCO Queen, I really do. Maybe one day, but until then, don’t forget to purchase your Motherhood tickets by visiting www.merrimackhall.com!


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