Monday, February 20, 2012

The Merrimack Mommy Chronicles: Give And It Shall Be Given

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day last week!

And in case you didn't ... do something awesome for yourself this week. Get a manicure, a pedicure, a massage – do something to love on yourself!

According to a recent Chicago study, 77% of moms don’t take care of themselves. That’s huge Here's an excerpt from that study - the Suave Motherhood vs. Womanhood Report. It reveals that about one-third of moms believe that being a mother and a woman actually conflict.

Furthermore, one in four moms (23 percent) can't remember the last time they did something that made them feel like a woman -- while 42 percent report it was more than a month ago.

More evidence that moms' needs are low on the list:
- Although 67 percent of moms would rather get their pre-baby body back than their pre-baby sex life, exercise opportunities are tough to come by. After shopping for themselves, exercise is the second most desired activity to pursue during coveted "me" time.

- 66 percent admit they sometimes don't have enough time to take a shower or bath

- Some 80 percent have gone weeks or months without a haircut (even though they felt they needed one)

- Over half (53 percent) say that they've forgotten to brush their teeth in the morning.

And I know we sometimes are struggling between being a good mom, fulfilling our dreams, meeting career objectives, and a wife, a volunteer, but underneath all of those titles, lies you – the real you. I often struggle with this as well. As a mission driven individual, I spend a lot of time helping others, but often neglect myself. After I’ve given on my job, in ministry, to my husband, and my children, I’ve often got nothing left for me.

So, ladies, let’s take some time to smell the roses, catch up on some good reading, and relax, breathe, exhale, and meditate. You’ll be glad you did! You and I both know that we are better givers when we’ve first given to ourselves.

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